Information regarding the teaching program in times of the Corona pandemic

    Important and updated information of the University direction for students and empolyees can be found here: ( https://www.uni-wuerzburg.de/en/novel-coronavirus/)

    Please consider that it is mandatory to wear face masks on the entire terrain of the University (only surgical or FFP2 face masks are allowed; community masks or masks with valves are prohibited).

    Students should also consult the pages of the examination office of the University to learn about further regulations during the Corona pandemic ( https://www.uni-wuerzburg.de/en/studium/pruefungsamt/rechtliches-und-satzungen/assessments-information-and-faqs/).

    Students of the Faculty of Biology will in addition be informed about current topics regarding teaching matters via circular email letters. Thus, do not forget to check your student`s email account regularly.

    Relevant information regarding the upcoming summer semester has already been communicated to you via a ciruclar email letter. Additional information regarding your study course can be found below on this page.

    In the summer semester 2021 lectures and seminars generally will be offered as digital online-courses. Internships in the Master Biosciences program (F1- and F2 courses and thesis projects) will mainly be offered as lab courses with physical presence. Detailed information about the format of the courses can be found in tables, which have been posted in the download section on this page. Be aware that examinations will mainly be performed in physical presence.

    If you should require a prolongation of the study program, you have to contact the examination office to clarify the possibility of a prolongation in your particular case. Due to Covid-19 there might be some exceptions possible which, however, have to be evaluated individually.

    • The official start of lectures and seminars in the sommer semester is scheduled for April 12th. The lecture period will end at July 16th. Lectures and seminars will generally be performed in an online format. Internships (F1-courses, F2-courses) and thesis projects will mostly be performed in the respective labs, dependent on labspace and safety rules. Be aware that there might be some delays to find a labspace for practical courses. An overview about the format of the courses (digital, hybrid, presence) and additional information can be found in the download section below.

    • For any online-activities or communication it is mandatory to exclusively use your studmail-account 

    Academic life is based on a lively discussion on science. An open-minded swap of ideas implies tolerance and to give respect to each other. Something we expect for everyday life, but we also expect in the digital world. We therefore respect our faculty codex for digital events.

    Mutual respect

    We do not tolerate harassment, threat and discrimination as well as aggressive or insulting wording. We logg in at online-courses in time to avoid any disruption of the ongoing course. To make it interactive and as a matter of netiquette, we make sure to join with our real name with our webcam switched on. We keep the microphone silent to avoid interference or background noise. Should there be technical reasons why you cannot join with a live image, you will provide an explanation via the chat function before the start of the lecture. Some lecturers may exclude participants that do not comply with these rules.

    Discussion rules

    If we intend to speak we raise our hand or we politely and carefully try to call attention. After activation of the microphone we start speaking by mentioning our name. We switch off the microphone at the end of our contribution. Queries can also be posed in the Chat. We are patient if a question is not answered immediately. The Chat is no place for private communication.

    We utilize all benefits the digital courses offer and actively contribute to discussions creating a vivid net community. Outside of the online-courses, we remain in contact with our fellow students.

    We respect legal rules

    We do not disturb online-courses. We do not use online-courses for advertising or any kind of promotion. We respect the regulations on copyright and the personal rights of all participants as well as the protection of data security. Without acceptance of all participants, any recording such as that of sound, images, videos, screenshots etc. are prohibited. Disrespecting these rules can lead to exclusion from courses or the entire degree program and may entail additional consequences by justice. In case an online-course requires to be recorded or can be recorded, the lecturer will mention this before the course will start.


    The Lecturers of the Faculty of Biology