Studies in Biology


Important note for the application to the Master of Biological Sciences. The application deadline has been extended to 7/31 due to Covid-19. You can apply until then and provide evidence of at least 150 ECTS. The latest deadline to submit for graduation remains Sept. 15 in the main process. However, there will be another late submission deadline of at least September 30 for a move-up procedure.


Information about the studies in brief: Leaflet Bachelor Biology and Leaflet Master Biology

Overview information about the Bachelor Study Programme Biology (B.Sc., 180 ECTS, 60 ECTS)

Subject-Specific Provisions Bachelor Biology 180 (major subject) and 60 (minor subject)

Study Programme Schedule Bachelor Biology 180 (major subject)

Module Manual Bachelor 180 (major subject)

Study Programme Schedule Bachelor Biology 60 (minor subject)

Module Manual Bachelor 60 (minor subject)

Information about semester abroad, external internships

Form Recognition of External Study Achievements

Requirements and advice for the writing of the Bachelor Thesis

Form Application for the Allocation of a Bachelor Thesis

Form for the Evaluation of Bachelor theses

Form Application Diploma Bachelor, also as pdf

The Master Study Programme Biology, Structure and possible Options

Information for the application and brief facts about the Master Study Programme (120 ECTS)

Subject-Specific Provisions for the Master’s Programme Biology

Module Manual Master Biology (120)

Study Programme Schedule Master Biosciences

Form for the Recognition of Additional Achievements

Form Application Admission Master Thesis

Information about Master Thesis and Colloquium

Form  Application Diploma Master, also as  pdf

Examination regulations and subject-specifications

Overview about the Examination and  Study Regulations of the study programmes at the University of Würzburg

General study and examination regulations for Bachelor and Master students who started before the winter term 2010/11 (ASPO-2007-29)

General study and examination regulations for Bachelor and Master students who will start from the winter term 2010/11 (ASPO-05-08-2009)

Supplementary regulations for the pool of general key qualifications (ASQ-pool) within a Bachelor’s programme as of November 11 2010