Studies in Biology


Bachelor Biology (German)

The Bachelor Study Programme can be completed as 180-ECTS single discipline or 60-ECTS secondary discipline (in combination with a major subject from humanities). The Bachelor curriculum starts in the winter term.

The first three study terms consist of mandatory sessions – the schedule is correspondingly determinate.

From the 4th term onwards, modules can be selected from different areas. In the 5th and 6th terms there is a possibility to supplement the study with a semester abroad and/or an internship without any loss of time.

We pay special attention to appropriate offers to improve transferable skills as well. Besides languages, fields like management, organization, transfer competence and personal competence are covered.

An overview of the parameters of the Bachelor Study Programme you can find here, in the Bachelor Leaflet or at the Download page.

Master Biosciences

The Master Study Programme (120 ECTS) can be started either in the winter or the summer term.

In the first phase, two subject areas are selected. Both disciplines are constituted of two theory modules à 10 ECTS and one internship part (F1-internship) with 10 ECTS as well.

One of the selected topics (principal topic) is further intensified in an advanced internship (F2 pilot internship, 10-12 weeks, 15 ECTS) which is followed by a master thesis (25 ECTS), which has to be defended in a final colloquium (5 ECTS).

Additional modules (15 ECTS) are selected in special fields of interest.

General or interdisciplinary subject areas: biopsychology, bio and business ethics, nature conservation, theory of science, epistemology, quality management.

An overview of our  BioEU Master Programmes you can find here.