Responsible Persons and Quality Management-associated Tasks

In addition to the tasks of the dean, the faculty council, the examination panel, other committees - all described elsewhere (see Roles and Tasks and within the QMS er committee   as well as the Bavarian Laws on Higher Educational Institutions (HEI); BayHSchG) – the most important tasks of persons with particular responsibilities in the QMS of the faculty of Biology are outlined.

According to the Bavarian laws on High Education Institutions (HEI), the dean of study is responsible for the following:

  1. The conformity of the teaching program with the regulations on examination and study including appropriate average study duration and supervision,
  2. The evaluation of teaching based on student questionnaires
  3. Periodic activity report to the dean, the faculty council, the rectorate at least once per semester,
  4. Periodic report on teaching in a anonymized fashion (teaching report)
  5. Provides proposals to the dean how to spend the budget for teaching activities
  6. Comments on pedagogic qualification of applicants for tenure positions / professorships

The teaching report reflects the current situation of both teaching and learning as well the organization of it, the implementation grade of objective agreements, discusses the students´ evaluation of teaching at curricular level and in case also external evaluations.

Link to the Deans of study (Roy Groß & Markus Reiderer) and the Study Deans´ Office (Laura Halbey): https://www.biologie.uni-wuerzburg.de/fakultaet/studiendekanat/

Coordinator BioCareers, PD Dr Alois Palmetshofer

QM-related tasks: 

  • Quality Officer of the Faculty
  • Coordinator Career development
  • International Affairs and Relations
  • Assignee for Students with disabilities or chronic disease
  • Study program development
  • HEI accreditation system 

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Study Coordinator Bachelor & Master, PD Dr Robert Hock

QM-related tasks:

  • Main responsibility on study programs
  • Design and organization of bachelor and master biology curricula
  • Organization and coordination of examinations
  • Chair of Biology study program commission (Biology StuFK)

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Study Coordinator Teacher Training, Mrs. Beatrice Schmer

QM-related tasks: 

  • Coordination of teacher training programs
  • Organization and coordination of examinations
  • Chair StuFK subcommission for teacher training programs
  • Students´ questionnaire at entry stage

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Coordinator Tutoring and Mentoring Programs, Dr. Ulrike Rapp-Galmiche

QM-related tasks: 

  • Coordination of tutor and mentor training programs
  • Coordination of mentoring program
  • Responsible for the “Science Writing Lab”
  • Organization of preparatory courses
  • New teaching methods and tools

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