Peer Tutor Training in the Biosciences

Peer Tutor Training Biosciences please sign up via wuestudy (ASQ-0609990)

Students learn to implement a variety of interactive teaching techniques including remote classroom response systems and Case Trains, as well as online courses. Students learn to structure course content and create a syllabus.  Students improve their presentation skills as well as didactic skills.

Peer Tutor Training Biosciences is open to students in the following areas of study

  • Biology (BSc/MSc)
  • Biology (minor)
  • Biomedicine
  • all courses of study oriented at preparing for certification as biology teacher
  • students of the Graduate School of Life Sciences
  • Computer Science

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You gain experience in ...

  • classroom management
  • student-tutor interaction/communication skills
  • conflict and problem solving skills
  • organisational skills
  • presentation skills
  • student activation
  • innovative approaches to teaching and learning