Science Writing Lab

Science Writing Lab - LabReports, Papers, Grants, Thesis

The Science Writing Lab has been honored by the HRK as an example of Good-Practice. Please find the honorable mention here

The Science Writing Lab is an independent project, which is open to all students of the MINT and medicine courses including LA students of the MINT subjects as well as students of the Graduate School of Life Sciences. Some workshops are modularized (5ECTS) and can be found in the ASQ pool of the lecture series.

Our courses for the GSST, the GSLS, Medical Thesis Students, Students of Experimental Medicine, Students of Physics, Informatics, Chemistry, Biochemistry, Biomedicine, and Biology have received excellent course-evaluations. So far more than 332 students have participated in our seminars.

If you have questions about current workshops or wishes and suggestions for new workshops, please send an email to ulrike.rapp-galmiche@uni-wuerzburg.de 

We offer courses in academic writing in

  • English language: Writing Effectively in English (paper/thesis format) sign up via wuestudy (course number 0629012)
  • English language: Lab-Protocol Workshop for international students (in cooperation with the International Office)
  • English and German language: Peer Writing Fellows (Biosciences) teach you how to avoid common mistakes when writing lab reports and protocols; walk in appointments will be offered in the study room next to the library in the Biocenter
  • English and German language: Writing a Thesis (BSc, MSc, as well as PhD!) Planning-Writing-Revising-Overcoming Writers Block
  • Contact the lab-protocol tutors for any questions or further appointments at labprotocol-tutors@uni-wuerzburg.de
  • Online Course: additional material, handouts and resources are available, as well as E-Tutoring.


for students writing BSc, MSc, PhD Thesis, papers, proposals and grant applications, as well as job applications
Additional Workshops are available for the following individual topics:

  • Overcoming Writers Block
  • Time-Management and Organization of your writing project
  • Literature Search, Citation, and Plagiarism
  • Figures and Figure Legends
  • Revision and Final Editing
  • Job and scholarship applications

To book a Workshop please contact ulrike.rapp-galmiche@uni-wuerzburg.de or the student protocol tutors

The Science Writing Lab also offers workshops to support the application process in cooperation with the Career Center, as well as workshops for new international students in cooperation with the International Office in the project 'Study Success for International Students'.

Student Jobs

If you are interested in a job as a writing tutor, please contact Dr. Rapp-Galmiche (ulrike.rapp-galmiche@uni-wuerzburg.de) at the Science Writing Lab for a consultation / interview.

Please address any questions to Dr. Ulrike Rapp-Galmiche  email