Peer Mentor Training in the Biosciences

Peer Mentors offer advice and support to first year students in small groups or individual sessions. 

  • 3-day freshman orientation organized by the Fibio for freshmen with majors in BSc biology, teaching-biology, biomedicine as well as biology minors. 
  • Following Orientation, Peer Mentors assist incoming first year students in their transition to university academic life during the course of the first term.
  • Peer Mentors support freshmen in adjusting to university academic life and offer assistance and resources for many FAQ, examination preparation, time-management, study techniques, as well as class registration for the 2nd term.
  • For more detailed information on the Peer Mentoring Program please contact Dr. Rapp-Galmiche and /or Fibio.
  • Sign up to apply for a Peer Mentoring position in SB@Home (0629015). 
  • The next Peer Mentor Training is scheduled for September immediately preceding the next Freshman Orientation.
  • NEW!! special program for international students and students returning to university

All courses are open to students in the following courses of study:

  • Biology (BSc/MSc)
  • Biology (minor)
  • certification as biology teacher
  • Biomedicine
  • The Graduate School of Life Sciences 
  • Bio-EU and international MSc

Are you interested in mentoring? There is no better way to give back to the student community. Apply now

  • mentoring international students BSc and MSc
  • mentoring BSc freshmen
  • mentoring returning students

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