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    The Biocenter

    The Biocenter

    The Biocenter of the University of Wuerzburg was dedicated in May 1993, has a floor space of approximately 13.000 square meters and accommodates chairs from the faculties of biology, medicine and chemistry.

    The Biocenter is the successful implementation of the vision to pool related disciplines from the Life Sciences together in one joint location in order to create excellent conditions both in research and in teaching across traditional faculty borders. It is part of the university campus “Am Hubland”. This campus will further extend in the coming years – the former barracks grounds of the now withdrawn US-military become a student city!

    The Faculty of Biology at the University of Wuerzburg consists of ten chairs (departments) which are organized in two institutes.

    The Biocenter building located on the Hubland-campus houses the Theodor-Boveri-Institute with seven chairs. The three botanical chairs which constitute the Julius-von-Sachs Institute and the associated Botanical Garden are situated on the Dallenbergcampus. In addition, the faculty runs the Ecological outstation in Fabrikschleichach/Steigerwald.

    Currently 21 full Professors, 8 associated Professors and appr. 20 assistant Professors (Privatdozenten) are responsible for research and teaching within the Faculty of Biology.

    In the Biocenter building at the Hubland the Theodor-Boveri-Institute is based with seven chairs; the three botanic chairs that form together the Julius-von-Sachs-Institute are located on the site at the Dallenberg together with the Botanical Garden. In addition to that, the department also runs the Ecological Station “Fabrikschleichach” in the Steigerwald.