Master Biosciences


    Application Criteria and required Skills

    The qualification criteria for the BioEU Master Programmes are listed below.

    Please note that due to the high number of applications we can only accept the very best candidates from those who meet all of these requirements.

    Bachelor of Science in Biology or in a study programme that fulfills the criteria of the "Subject Specific Criteria for Bioscientific Study Programmes" (“Fachkanon Biologie”), in particular:

    Final grade not lower than 3.0 (for conversion of grades to Bavarian grading use formula (Nmax - best grade possible, Nmin - worst grade for passing, Nd - grade given).

    (i) Required skills in basic biology in the fields of Botany, Zoology and Microbiology which may have been achieved in the areas of cell biology, developmental biology, genetics, systematics, physiology, ecology, neurobiology, behavioral biology. 30 ECTS in total

    (ii) Required skills in advanced biology achieved in any of the following areas  cell biology, developmental biology, behavioral biology, virology, immunology, neurobiology, human genetics, microbiology, biotechnology, ecology, pharmaceutical biology, bioinformatics, biophysics, biochemistry: 45 ECTS in total

    (Note: A differentiation between skills in basic and advance biology is not necessary, as long as you prove at least a sum of 75 ECTS in biology)

    (iii) Required skills in chemistry (inorganic, organic, physical, biochemistry): 15 ECTS

    (iv) Requried skills in physics, mathematics, biostatistics: 15 ECTS

            Alternatives for (i) to (iv):

            Molecular: Curricula with a major focus in Molecular Biology require a total of 60 ECTS in Biosciences, 20 ECTS in chemistry/biochemistry, 12 ECTS in physics/mathematics/statistics
            Organismic: Cuirricula with a major focus in Organismic Biology require a total of 70 ECTS in Biosciences, 10 ECTS in chemistry/biochemsitry, 12 ECTS in physics/mathematics/statistics

    (v) Proof of experimental laboratory experience preferentially by an experimental thesis comprising a minimum of 10 ECTS

    (vi) Required language skills in English

    The proof of skills in the English language should be at a level not lower than:

    the Test of English as a Foreign language (TOEFL) with at least 570 paper-based TOEFL test respectively 240 computer-based TOEFL test respectively 90 internet-based TOEFL test points or 

    bb) the International English Language Test System with a return of 6,5 or better or

    cc) a Cambridge Certificate in Advanced English (CAE)

    dd) a Bachelor degree from an Englisch Teaching University 

    ee) any certificate issued by the admission commitee of the Faculty of Biology from the University of Würzburg after approving of English skills based  on the assessment of a Bachelor thesis written in English language, of a language course other than specified above or an interview held in English language.

    (vi) Language Skills in German are highly recommended but not required for application

    List of Documents for Application

    • Certificates  of a degree in a Bachelor study programme (acquisition of 180 ECTS points) at the University of Würzburg or another national or international institution or a comparable national or international degree (for example State examination). The documents should be translated into German or English. 
    • Proof of an university or equivalent degree (in the case of a requested ultimate Master-admission) attesting the achieved overall grading (documents translated into German or English)
    • Proof of previously achieved study and examination performances (Transcript of Records). The record should proof the basic and advanced skills in biology and all required skills in Chemistry, Physics, Mathematics and Biostatistics (documents translated into German or English). 
    • Proof of experimental laboratory experience preferentially by an experimental thesis comprising a minimum of 10 ECTS.  
    • Proof of skills in English language.

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    Alois Palmetshofer

    Coordinator BioCareers