Biological Sciences

Study start checklist

We are pleased that you have decided to study in one of our programmes. Here you will find all the information you need for a successful start to your studies.

Bachelor of Science Biology and Teacher training Biology

The Bachelor Biology and teacher training Biology are open admission, therefore no application is necessary. Before enrolling, however, you must take our online biology self-test. Click here to go directly to the self-test. Click here to enroll.


  • Printed and signed application for enrolment
  • High school diploma or other university entrance qualification
  • Copy of identity card or passport
  • Notification of health insurance status
  • Proof of payment of semester fee
  • If applicable, the following must also be submitted:

    • Proof of previously-completed periods of study, if you were previously enrolled at a German higher education institution
      (e.g. by means of a student record book, certificate of enrolment, certificate of exmatriculation and course of study, master sheet, etc.). 
    • Certificate of a previously-passed university final examination (certified, complete copy i.e. certificate + diploma)
    • Certificate of sufficient German language skills (DSH, testDaF, etc.), if the university entrance qualification was not acquired at a German-speaking institution.
      (generally also applies to German nationals)

Here you will also find everything you need to know for enrolment, as well as the exact procedure.


Master of Science Biosciences and BioEU Master programmes

Click here to apply for Master's degree programmes


The application deadline for the Master's programmes is 15 January for a summer semester and 15 July for a winter semester. The application is made online via the application portal in WueStudy.

Application Checklist:

No later than July 15 (winter semester) or January 15 (summer semester):

1. application completed in WueStudy, and degree or at least 130 ECTS (Transcript of Records) proven?

2. reply mail with applicant number received?

Note: If the application has been set to "valid" by us, it has been formally accepted and is being processed.

No later than September 15 (winter semester) or March 15 (summer semester):

3. for further documents such as proof of additional achievements or proof of graduation after the application deadline, you can add another application after 15 July (winter semester) or 15 January (summer semester) by 15 September (winter semester) or 15 March (summer semester). Proof of graduation can be provided in the form of a transcript /certificate or a complete transcript of records with a note on graduation or an informal official confirmation of graduation from the Examinations Office.

Important information for successful application and admission:

Even after the application deadline, you can provide proof of graduation by 15 September (WS) or 15 March (SS) by submitting another application by pressing the button "add request".

Contact your academic advisor if you are concerned that deadlines and documents may be problematic.

Master FOKUS Life Sciences

Information regarding the application procedure can be found here.

A good start to your studies in the STEM fields of biology, chemistry, computer science, mathematics and physics is important. For this reason, the departmental councils and institutes or faculties have put together a coordinated programme for you as a MINT (mathematics, informatics,   natural sciences, technology) Ersti with seven MINT pre-courses and four Ersti days.

MINT pre-courses for biology


Three courses (statistics, chemistry, mathematics) are offered. The registration is binding for all course days of the chosen course. Detailed information about the contents of the preliminary courses can be found here: Preliminary courses field of study biology

MINT Pre-Course Registration

Registration is required for all MINT pre-courses. This is done uniformly via the MINT pre-course registration and is also possible before enrollment. When registering, you can see how many people are already registered and thus choose your pre-course block appropriately. After enrolment, registration for the prerequisite courses is also possible directly in WueStudy.

The "Ersti-Tage" (First Days of the Semester) are very important. Here, the student representatives (students from higher semesters) and the student advisors provide you with the most important introductory information for the the start of your studies. They will show you your study plan, and explain how to register for events and exams. In addition, you will have a good opportunity to get to know others who are starting their studies with you. You should not miss the Ersti-Tage to ensure that your start at the university goes smoothly. You will also be assigned mentors who will guide you around the campus and be available for questions throughout the semester.


  • Date: Ersti-Tage biology: just before the semester starts (current information can be found here)
  • Programme: Welcome address by the dean, information about the studies, getting to know each other, botany tour, city rally, pub crawl, barbecue, registration for the introductory tutorial.
  • Details (time/place) at

Target groups:

  • Bachelor Biology, Biomedicine
  • Teacher training Gymnasium/Realschule Biology
  • Teacher training elementary/middle school biology (subject)

Student teachers will also be interested in the general introductory courses for a student teacher programme.

In the course of the semester, various tutorials on the modules take place. These serve to prepare you for the exams and to deepen your understanding of the contents of the lectures. These are highly recommended, as you will get a summary of the lecture topics as well as the chance to ask all your questions. You will also work on exercises that will prepare you for the exams. It is best to register for the tutorials right at the beginning of the semester, as there is sometimes a limited number of participants. You can register for the tutorials via WueStudy (you will receive access when you enrol). You can find the tutorials in the course catalogue ( > Basic Studies > Biology > Tutorials for Courses).

For the 1st semester, there are tutorials for the following modules:

  • General Biology I
  • Inorganic chemistry for biologists
  • Physical chemistry
  • Mathematics for biologists

The content of the Biology Bachelor's programme is oriented towards the subject canon of biology and thus ensures a solid scientific foundation alongisde in-depth study of a specific subject of your choice. The study programme has a strong focus on the acquisition of practical skills, with more than 50% of the components being practical classes and internships.  The spectrum of elective options includes the classical biological disciplines as well as new, partly interdisciplinary bioscientific research areas (for elective options see also For prospektive students -> What do the biology programmes in Würzburg offer?). The transitions to research areas in medicine, physics and chemistry are fluid.

Course of study 1st semester:

General Biology I: "From the cell to the organism"


  • The cell
  • Evolution
  • The plant kingdom
  • The animal kingdom

Here you will write a total of 3 exams: one exam on "the cell", one exam on "evolution and the animal kingdom" and one exam on "the plant kingdom". In addition, there are exercises several times a week, and participation is a prerequisite for exam admission.

Inorganic chemistry

You will be introduced to the fundamentals of inorganic chemistry: the different elements, redox reactions, simple reactions and so on. Attending the tutorials is highly recommended, as the lecture material is reinforced and you will be well prepared for the exam.


In math you go through all the higher mathematical operations: from matrices to integration and curve discussion, to differential equations and more. The mandatory exercises are especially important. The exercises provide good preparation for the exam and must all be attended for exam admission.

Physical chemistry

Topics include the behaviour of the various aggregate states, calculation of the freezing point, and calculation of the free enthalpy. The practical course consists of practical experiments on the individual topics. In addition, you will write an exam on the contents of the lecture.


The first semester deals mainly with mechanics. The exam takes place already in the 1st semester, and includes the material from the lecture. The corresponding practical course takes place in the second semester and is completed with a written exam.

For more information about the individual modules as well as the course of the higher semesters, please have a look at the FIBio page.

More details, as well as an overview of all modules, can be found in the subject description or in the official study plan. You can find this document here:

Subject-Specific Provisions Bachelor Biology 180

All important information about the course of studies can be found on the page of the subject biology didactics