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No matter whether you have just arrived and are enjoying the first days of your studies or you have been studying for a while, here you will find everything you need to know about your studies, from your first exams to your final thesis.

Here you will find the most important information about your degree programme. The start date of your courses will determine the version that is correct for you.

Module handbook

Module specifications

Curriculum Bachelor-180 short

Detailed curriculum Bachelor-180

Guidelines and tipps for the preparation of protocols (scientific reports) and theses 

General examination regulations (ASPO) and subject-specific regulations (FSB) for Bachelor-180 

Course description (SFB) for Bachelor-180

Here you will find the most important information about your degree programme. The start date of your courses will determine the version that is correct for you.

Module handbook

Module specifications


Curriculum Minor Biology short

General examination regulations (ASPO) and subject-specific regulations (FSB) for minor Biology

Course description (SFB) for minor Biology

Module specifications 

Module handbook Master Biology

Curriculum Master Biosciences

Tips for Master Biosciences

Fast track to a PhD

General examination regulations  (ASPO) and subject-specific regulations FSB Master Biosciences

Infromation regarding the Master Fokus Life Science can be found here.

All information about the BioEU Master of Biosciences Program can be found at here.


You can find all information on the Master FOKUS Life Sciences here.


You can find detailed information on the pages of the subject biology didactics

Module handbook and curricula for teacher training courses

Detailed curriculum:

Didactic subject Mittelschule

Elementary school
Didactic subject elementary school


The admission thesis can be written either in Didactics or in Subject Science.
Info for the admission thesis didactics

List of supervisors for admission thesis Biology

General examination regulations for teacher training courses (LASPO) and an overview of the subject-specific regulations FSB - Lehramt

Modular studies are suitable for applicants who are temporarily unable to study full-time (for example, in parallel with a job, or due to family responsibilities), or prospective students who particularly want to get to know a specific field of study. Academic or professional partial qualifications can also be acquired within the framework of professional and personal further education. Achievements made in the modular studies can then be recognised for and contribute towards later studies.

Preparation for a biology degree
Further education in biology

Module handbook as well as study and examination regulations for the modular studies

Examples of previous theses titles

You can do your final thesis at the chairs and institutes of the faculty of biology:

You can also do your thesis at the institutes of (bio)medicine and (bio)chemistry. In addition, it's possible to do your thesis in research groups at the Clinical Institutes of Medicine, at non-university research institutions, or in relevant companies.

Detailed information for registration or extension of a thesis for Bachelor or Master.

Take advantage of the opportunity to spend part of your studies abroad, by choosing from the diverse offers from our partner universities and get to know a different country and its people. This is possible in the Bachelor of Biology from the 5th semester onwards, as well as between Bachelor and Master studies or during the Master's programme. You can also do your final thesis at a partner university or participate in the coordinated programmes of the Coimbra Group - Working Group Life Sciences. If you want to get a taste of corporate life and make contact with your potential future employers, an external internship is perfect for this. You can get support from the career coordinator.

General information

exchange programs (database) 

Programmes of the Faculty of Biology

Erasmus studentships and Erasmus Internships

Participation in a summer school (BIPs)

There are numerous support options: Scholarships (university partnership, Promos, Erasmus), BafÖG abroad, special programmes. For further information see: International Office

At the Examinations Office there is information on the accreditation of external achievements for Bachelor and Master.

All information regarding the tutoring and mentroing programme as well as the science writing lab can be found here.


If you want to do a PhD in the life sciences, you can do so at the Faculty of Biology or within the framework of the Graduate School of Life Sciences. If you decide to do your PhD outside the university in companies or research institutions, you will need at least a second supervisor who is a member of the university and authorized to conduct examinations.

Graduate School of Life Sciences

Information regarding a PhD at the faculty

Regarding the study programme:

For further general and organisational questions about the study programme, you can contact the departmental student advisory service or FIBio.

  • Registration or time extension of a thesis for Bachelor or Master.
  • Form for teh evaluation of Bachelor theses
  • Information regarding teh Master thesis and the colloquium
  • Information regarding the application for a final certificate for Bachelor or Master.


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