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    The Wuerzburg Biocenter consists of the Faculty of Biology with 10 departments and and 5 additional departments in Biomedicine and Chemistry. Many of the homepages contain direct contact information for experts in scientific fields. You may find additional information about ongoing research activities by looking up the homepages of the faculties of other faculties or research centers.

    University Student Information

    For general questions about fields of study and degrees, application and admission please contact our International Students Office preferentially using this form.  

    Exchange programmes

    For questions regarding exchange programmes, please contact the exchange coordinator.  

    General contact information

    University of Würzburg
    Sanderring 2
    97070 Würzburg
    Phone: (+49) 931 31 0
    Fax: (+49) 931 31 82600

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    Please contact the Alumni Office of the University of Wuerzburg 

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    More Questions?

    Alois Palmetshofer

    Coordinator BioCareers

    General Programme Information

    Robert Hock

    Study coordinator

    For contact informations regarding particular topics in the BioEU programmes go to starting pages of the programmes.