Enrolment for a Doctorate at the Faculty of Biology

Enrolment for a Doctoral Candidate in the Faculty of Biology

Regulations for a doctoral degree in the Faculty of Biology

Guideline of the Faculty of Biology

According to the decision of the examination board of the University of Wuerzburg all doctoral candidates have to be enrolled from the beginning until the end of their PhD-process. The enrolment requires a letter of approval of the Dean. The Dean´s Office is located at the Biocenter, room B001.

Important: One of the supervisors has to be a habilitated member of the Faculty of Biology. Experimental work, degrees from another faculty, or foreign degrees must be approved by the dean in advance.

Documents to be provided at the beginning of the PhD-process: 

  • Supervision Agreement (attachment 1) completely filled in (at this time one supervisor is sufficient, if the supervisor is no member of the Faculty of Biology a habilitated member of the Faculty of Biology has to be named in addition)
  • All pivotal certificates (master certificate, master report, bachelor certificate, bachelor report, or pre-diploma, diploma certificate and diploma report) have to be submitted to the Dean’s office. The validation of the copies of certificates and the original certificates can be checked for authenticity by the Dean´s offices. Otherwise authenticated copies of certificates must be submitted.

Documents to be provided during the PhD-process: 

A doctorate committee has to be established within the first six months to make sure the doctoral studies are structured. 
Establishment of a doctorate committee. (attachment 2) 
For the verification process the student and the committee hand in a 
Start-up-Report (attachment 3) and an enrolment certificate of the University of Wuerzburg, 
plus every year an 
Annual-Progress-Report. (attachment 4)

Documents to be provided when handing in a dissertation to obtain a doctorate degree at the Faculty of Biology (according to §4 Chapter 3 of the "Promotionsordnung") are:

Dissertation in quadruplicate (DIN A4) AND once as pdf-File.

  • In German or English, tied with page numbers; 
  • Affidavit; originale signature, no scan! (attachment 7) §7 Chapter 2, Sentences 3, 4, 5 regulation of a doctoral degree;
  • Front page according to (attachment 10)
  • Table of contents
  • List of references (used references or other utilities must be specified)
  • Summary in German and English;

ADDITIONAL: All these documents have to be submitted as printed copies AND in electronic form.

  • Application of "Opening the doctorate procedure" (attachment 6) §7 Chapter 2 regulation of a doctoral degree; originale signature, no scan!
  • CV; originale signature, no scan!
  • Affidavit; originale signature, no scan! (attachment 7) §7 Chapter 2, Sentences 3, 4, 5 regulation of a doctoral degree; (additionally: this declaration has to be enclosed in the dissertation, too) 
  • Informal Publication List and attachment 8 only for publications directly related to the dissertation:  (attachment 8) In the publication list those publications, which are directly originating from the thesis, have to be marked in order to be able to distinguish such publications form other publications. Except for the classical monograph every other version of the thesis has to clearly state the equity ratio of the candidate in each publication that belongs to the thesis, if more than one author is listed. This ratio has to be confirmed by the co-authors by signature. If not all co-authors respond, corresponding authors have to sign instead.
  • All publications have to be handed in only electronically; if the publication has not been published but handed in as a submitted manuscript, this has to be confirmed by the journal. The presented manuscript has to have the format issued by the respective journal. Additionally, manuscripts handed in for publication have to be presented in duplicate and printed as they have to be accessible for the reviewers graduation for graduation means.
  • Certificates as a certified copy (master certificate, master report, bachelor certificate, bachelor report, or pre-diploma, diploma certificate and diploma report), if not done at the beginning of the PhD-process.
  • Evidence of the enrolment at the University of Wuerzburg (copy of confirmation of periods of study or enrolment certificates)
  • Evidence of the qualification program (attachment 5)
  • Declaration of agreement plagiarism check (attachment 9)
  • Copy Start-up Report
  • Copies Annual Progress Reports
  • Police clearance certificate not older than 3 months (criminal record certificate with the document type “0” for submission to an authority) if the PhD-student is not enrolled or doesn’t have a contract with the University of Wuerzburg at the moment

Use of an electronic circulation procedure:
Since 12.08.2009 according to the amendment record §6 Chapter 2 regulation of a doctoral degree of the Faculty of Biology an electronic circulation procedure is possible. Therefore the abovementioned documents must be submitted as a pdf-File.

Defence (doctorate colloquium):
Please make sure that the examination colloquium does not exceed 30 minutes. The colloquium has to be announced at least one week in advance.

Please note in respect to your planning, no colloquium can be prepared when the Dean’s office is officially closed. Those closing times can be found on the homepage of the Dean’s office. There will be no colloquium in August.