Quality management

For many years now, the Faculty of Biology has been committed to delivering excellence in teaching, keeping its students abreast with the state of the art of the field and equipping them with the skills they need to excel in research, academic teaching, or the corporate world. Biology is an experimental discipline. In the opinion of the Faculty, it is therefore vital that research and teaching are intertwined and learning is research based. To ensure that the quality of its teaching remains as high as possible, the Faculty uses a range of quality management tools. These are described in more detail in the file linked below.
Close cooperation between the Faculty’s teaching staff and its students - elected representatives and the FiBio Initiative represent the interests of the Faculty’s student community - is an important part of the quality assurance/quality improvement process. The Faculty also collects a range of data to support quality assurance: It conducts surveys among new students, collects student evaluations of virtually all courses, etc. Committed to providing its students with the help and advice they need, the Faculty offers a mentoring and tutoring programme as well as bridge courses and tutorials, mainly in subjects other than biology (maths, chemistry, physics, etc.)
Several contacts - the Deans of Studies, the degree programme coordinator for Bachelor’s and Master’s programmes, the degree programme coordinator for teaching degree programmes, and the career coordinator, to name just a few - are available to help students with any issues they may encounter at university and answer questions related to programme progression, study abroad periods or placements, etc.