Evaluations and Questionnaires

In order to monitor the quality of courses and study programs, the faculty of Biology has been using various forms of evaluations and students´ questionnaires. The data collected are all anonymous.

1. Questionnnaire at Study Entry Level

Since 2006 when the bachelor and master study programs were introduced, the faculty has collected information from the students at their entry phase. The questions target information about students´ origins, reasons for the decision for the subject and university, previous knowledge in Biology and the Natural Sciences, the motivation for the enrollment in the Biology program and further individual plans (consecutive master Biosciences, other study program, career entry).

2. Course Evaluation

Course Evaluations have been performed since many years at the faculty by the students. The questions include those on the quality of teaching, the skills and abilities of professors to impart knowledge and competences, further questions address the workload and an overall rating. Individual comments are also welcome. The evaluated questionnaires are inspected by the study dean and transferred to the evaluated teacher; the results are published at the WueCampus online platform without the individual comments. The platform may be accessed by both the teachers and students. The course evaluation system has turned out to be a valid tool within the quality assurance system of the faculty by providing comparable data in subsequent years for particular courses.

3. Study-Program-Evaluation

During the summer term 2016, the students were urged to evaluate the Biology bachelor program and in summer term 2017, the master, teacher training and Biology minor programs. The results of the questionnaire were also published in WueCampus. This evaluation extends the questionnaiore of the course evaluation by additional more general questions addressing the organization of the study program and examinations, the absence of obligatory courses offered at the same time, additional service by the faculty including personal advice and support. The study program evaluation runs in a 3- to 5-year cycle.

4. Alumni-Questionnaire

Alumni of the Biology study programs are interviewed at different times after graduation. The questionnaire has been performed by the Cooperation Project “ „Kooperationsprojektes Absolventenstudien“ (KOAB)  ”. This questionnaire gives rise to the occupational development of the former students and a review about their study experiences including the question to what extent the acquired knowledge and skills match the subsequent requirements in the job.

5. Teacher-Questionnaire

This questionnaire is intended to get information about the working conditions and the view of the teaching persons on the study programs including the use of new didactic tools and approaches, how many persons make use of training courses in didactics and similar. In addition, further information is collected about satisfaction, working situation, resources and overall teaching conditions for teaching activities and finally, to what extent the teaching engagement is appreciated.
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