Involvement of Students and First Semester Tutorial

The Faculty of Biology has been paying much attention to the ongoing close cooperation of students and teachers, and there has been ongoing interaction and discussion with students´ representatives as well as the students´ Initiative Biology (FiBio). The students´ union consists of seven elected students, and the FiBio comprises several students who support the activities of the students´ union on a voluntary base. The students´ representatives are very important mediators between the many students and the professors.

Students participate in numerous committees including the Faculty council, the StuFK, the Educational Opportunity Grants Commission, the Study Program Commission Biology, appointments committees and the students organize the various questionnaires.

Furthermore, the members of the FiBio organize the First Semester Tutorial to introduce the new students of the Biology bachelor, master, Biology Minor, the teacher training and the Biomedicine programs. Within this tutorial lasting for three days the new upcoming students are informed about “all” relevant issues about the study programs, to be a student at the faculty of Biology and to live in the city of Würzburg.

For further information, please follow the n Link link to the FIBIO including news about student parties and many more activities.