Tutorial Programs and Mentoring Programs

KOMPASS Tutorial- and Mentoring Program

The program, which is funded by the German Ministry for Education and Research (BMBF) is supposed to support students primarily at the study entry phase.

In 2012, new subject related tutorials were introduced for students in the first two semesters. Since 2013, specific tutorials for each of the lectures in General Biology I and II have been offered. In the winter term 2014/15 as well as in the summer term 2015, new tutorials specifically addressed to Biology students have been established for the courses in organic, inorganic and physical chemistry.

Students who want to act as tutors in Biology practical courses are instructed and trained in a special course unit including instructions how to use clickers as well as to design internet-based courses at the WueCampus online platform.

In 2012, student mentoring in the form of a peer-to-peer mentoring system was initiated. In addition to advice to first semester students contact persons have been defined for students with occupational experience, those with other occupational history and international students. The mentors undergo specific basic training and may enroll in additional courses including offers at KIS  for students with disabilities or chronic diseases and GSIK  (Global Systems and intercultural competence ). 

The training program for tutors at the Faculty of Biology was recently awarded by the German HEI Rectors Conference (HRK) as an example of “Good Practice”.

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Additional Information on the KOMPASS program.


Preparatory Courses and “Science Writing Lab”

To acquire a deeper understand of the basics and principles in Biology, basics in chemistry, physics and mathematics and statistics that are beyond secondary school level are essential. For some students in the first two semesters these modules have turned out to cause problems. To overcome these and to facilitate the transfer from school to university, several tutorials comprising inorganic and organic chemistry, mathematics, statistics have been introduced.

For further information to preparatory courses, please follow this link.

The “Science Writing Lab” is supposed to provide guidance and training in scientific writing both in German and English language. The course includes workshops and seminars, which are focusing on language specificities of Current Biology and should help to write scientific reports about practical courses up to the thesis at bachelor and master level. Tutors for Science Writing may be contacted at particular times for support and advice.

The “Science Writing Lab” at the Faculty of Biology was recently awarded by the German HEI Rectors Conference (HRK) as an example of “Good Practice”. 

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